Dcoin will list GYE/USDT on September 23

2 min readSep 21, 2022


Dear Dcoinians,

Dcoin will list GYE/USDT, see details as fallows:

  • 2022–09–22 10:00 (UTC) User can starts Depositing GYE
  • 2022–09–23 05:00 (UTC) Open trading for GYE/USDT
  • 2022–09–24 05:00 (UTC) Opens for GYE Withdrawals

Project Introduction

Project name: GYEDOM Project

Token symbol: GYE

GYEDOM is an NFT-based art and culture sharing platform that records and trades culture, works of art, and moments as a platform that connects humans and anyone can work together. It is also a protocol that operates DeFi(deposit, investment, insurance), community participation and transactions in a blockchain.Through GYEDOM, participants will be provided with portfolio-based protocols ranging from innovative digital assets to traditional market spot products, and will be connected with various ecosystems in the future to receive unlimited liquidity on metaverse.Details


White Paper

Risk Note: Compared with general financial investment assets, the market for digital assets may change dramatically as speculative demand and the restrictive environment. Even if there is a loss, the responsibility for judging the investment of the digital asset will be vested in the investor himself. Please do not invest blindly, and be careful in your judgment.

Dcoin Global Operation Team

September 21, 2022

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