Seize FETCH by Ability!How Can Dcoin Gather So Many Fans?

FETCH. AI recently caught the express train of Binance which has properly become a hot spot. On February 25, Fetch. AI made its debut, and Binance’s sale took only 11 minutes and 14 seconds to complete. In some social groups, users are eager to try, scrambling is earning, the number of fingers and difficulty index are five stars.

The upsurge of Fetch. AI is no less than that of BTT with its own halo. Whether it is hype or real value coin, although the praises and criticisms vary, it still can’t stop the users who want to enter the market. Because of the soaring BTT, more people snatched Fetch. AI.

At present, the whole industry is looking forward to the FET trading. To celebrate the launch of FET, Dcoin has launched a FET pre-trading contest. The top 20 users in the yield ranking will also receive the highest 1000 USDT token award.

In FET pre-trading contest, the user trading currency pair is FET0/USDT0; FET0, USDT0 is FET on Dcoin, and USDT simulates currency. Holding this pre-trading contest will not only make users get addicted in advance, but also add to the icing on the cake and win more awards. (Details of the event: Trading Preheater-Win 1000-USDT)

The contest started last week. In five days, more than 1,000 users have participated. The real-time ranking of the returns of trading competitions and the list of Top 20 are updated at any time in Dcoin’s Telegram ( FET is also about to officially open in Dcoin (tentatively scheduled for March 1, subject to the latest announcement of changes), which can be closely monitored.

The community can best reflect the operation of a project and understand the extent to which community members actually participate in the project. Take a look at Fetch’s community details:

Telegram: 10,820 people

The number of telegraph group 2.26 is 10,600 + people, increasing by 200 people only every other day. The news in the group is also active every day. The following picture is the latest screenshot of 2.27.

2. Twitter: 5,416

The number of Twitter users grew even more dramatically, from 4,000 to 5,416 in a day, with the latest screenshot of 2.27 below. Fetch. AI also released a publicity campaign “Thanks for the 5,000+ twitter followers! ” The popularity of the campaign is evident.

3. YouTube, the project promotional film broadcasts 33,136 times, see many times to be shared in various communities for propaganda, dissemination is relatively wide.

In addition, other platforms, such as Facebook and Medium, are active to a certain extent. Compared with Twitter, Telegram is not the main area, and the number of people concerned is less than 100.

Through the Google searching trend, we can see that the global searching fever of “Fetch. AI” has reached 100 in the past week, which has soared since February and accelerated its growth, and the influence of FET has gradually expanded before it goes online.

The explosion of Fetch. AI is indeed traceable, and the sustainability value and sustained growth momentum of the project remain to be verified. FET is also about to officially open in Dcoin, which can be closely watched. The upsurge also needs rationality. The above contents are for reference only, and do not involve any investment suggestions. In addition to the excitement, you can also come to Dcoin to participate in the “natural pollution-free” pre-trading contest, win awards, and so on.


  • Ledger start:2018/03/03
  • White Paper:
  • Supply limit:1,152,997,575
  • Website:
  • Token price:0.0867 USD
  • Fetch.AI (“the Project”) brings together machine learning (“ML”), artificial intelligence (“AI”), multi-agent systems and decentralized ledger technology to create an economic internet — an environment where digital representatives of the economy’s moving parts (such as data, hardware, services, people and infrastructure) can get useful work done through effective introductions and predictions These agents can be thought of as digital entities: life-forms that are able to make decisions on their own behalf as well as on behalf of their stakeholders (individuals, private enterprises and governments for example). Fetch.AI’s digital world is exposed to agents via its Open Economic Framework (OEF) and is underpinned by unique smart ledger technology to deliver high performance, low cost transactions. The ledger delivers useful proof-of-work that builds market intelligence and trust over time — growing the value of the network as it is used. Fetch.AI can be neatly interfaced to existing systems with minimal effort, allowing it to take advantage of the old economy whilst building the new: plug existing data in to Fetch.AI and watch markets spontaneously form from the bottom up.

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